Who Is Pug Ryan?

The Outlaw

Pug Ryan was a Summit County outlaw from the late 1800’s who robbed banks and trains, was chased and involved in gunfights with Sheriffs deputies and posses, escaped from captivity more than once and later was imprisoned for life in the State Penitentiary in Pueblo Colorado. It was popular to name steakhouses after outlaws during that time-frame. While we do not condone that type of lifestyle we feel there is a bit of an “Outlaw” in all of us.

Pug Ryan, whose real name was Louis A. Scott, led a gang of outlaws that held up the game room at the Denver Hotel in Breckenridge on the night of August 11, 1898. After killing one deputy and wounding another near the town of Kokomo and eluding peace officers for four years, he was captured in Portland, Oregon. Upon being returned to Colorado, he was jailed in Leadville for security purposes where he promptly escaped through the sewer pipe. A few days later, in the town of Cripple Creek, he was arrested while standing on a street corner talking with acquaintances. He was tried and convicted of killing three officers and went to the state prison for a life term. After twenty one years of imprisonment, he died and was buried on Woodpecker Hill near the Colorado State Penitentiary.

Our Humble Beginnings

Old town of Dillon

Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse was founded in 1975 in Dillon Colorado and has been one of Summit County’s premier restaurants ever since. We began construction on our first brewery addition directly to the side of the bar in 1996, and began brewing operations in the winter of 1997. Pugs began canning beer in 2003 making us the 2nd brewery in Colorado to put craft beers in cans.

Pug Ryan’s completed the second brewery addition in the spring of 2012 which tripled our brew and canning capacity and became the gateway to statewide distribution of our canned Lagers. New branding was completed in June of 2013 featuring the silhouette of Pug and his horse. This distinctive brand awakens the spirit of the “old west” and reminds us of a time when “Riding for the Brand” was a defining statement of a person’s identity.

Our decision to can only Lagers in our first three releases is simply based on our love for lagers and our desire to share the quality of these brews with our friends around Colorado. Our beers have won numerous medals both statewide and nationally over the years. You will find on the can itself our “Chuck Wagon” food pairing ideas from our award winning chef.

Saddle up and stop by Pug Ryan’s Brewing Company soon, join the gang, and start your “Ride”.

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