Pug Ryan's Green Initiative

Jan 16, 2017

To reduce it's footprint, Pug Ryan's invest in alternative energy sources like wind powerOver many years, Pug Ryan’s has worked on reducing our footprint on our earth. Obviously large restaurants and breweries have a propensity to be wasteful. In 2015 Pug Ryan’s partnered with Arcadia Energy Company. Arcadia charges a small fee, but directs wind energy from the wind plants into the electric grid, thus managing to replace all of the electricity used by Pug Ryan’s, our brewery, and even the entire building which houses four additional small businesses. Our investment in this product every month makes the wind farms more viable and redirecting those electric bills from XCEL Energy to the fields helps this renewable resource to grow and thrive. You can do this for both your business and your home. Imagine if even 10 percent of America spent a little more for so much more impact on our climate.

Working with High Country Conservation center we are in the middle of the process of changing out all of the light bulbs wherever possible to the new low energy use long life LED bulbs. In some areas where we use the four-foot-long fluorescent bulbs Like in the kitchen areas, we have begun removing the ballast from the fixtures enabling us to then use LED bulbs for those lights as well. Some of this is ongoing as items fail, obviously a budget and timeframe that is manageable is important.

Every bit of our glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper is recycled. We use Timberline Disposal as our provider. They have found a way to continue to provide the most comprehensive recycling in our area.

Even though we sell some of our beer in glass bottles (which are recyclable by the way) , the majority of our beer is distributed throughout Colorado in Aluminum cans and Stainless Steel Kegs. The cans are an amazing way to package and distribute beer. First, Aluminum is easily recyclable. Aluminum weighs a fraction of a similar glass vessel, lending a hand to the carbon miles and footprint. Each can is labeled. This eliminates the need for additional use of cardboard packaging to hold and transport the product. Even the six pack holder is made of a solid recycled plastic which can be reused, recycled, and offers no harm to seagulls and other birds and fish who were so negatively affected by the old fashion six pack rings.


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