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Oct 4, 2016 -- Posted by : Annie

Summit County United Brewing Alliance

Brewing craft beers is a big thing in Summit County Colorado. Check out the brews at Pug Ryan's Brewery.

Summit County, Colo. is known for its scenic outdoors which bring out the passionate side in every one of us. Pug Ryan’s has an amazing passionate brewing team— these guys love beer and their main goal is to let their passion shine in every beer a customer receives. But they’re not the only ones, there are now several hundred breweries in Colorado that go above and beyond with their brews. In Summit County, SCUBA was founded so that craft breweries in the area can come together to collaborate, network and share their appreciation for beer. SCUBA stands for Summit County United Brewing Alliance and includes Pug Ryan’s, The Dillon Dam Brewery, Broken Compass, Baker’s Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, Backcountry Brewery, and Angry James.

Summit county brewers alliance - Pug Ryan's is part of this movement.

Their camaraderie strays away from competition and instead focuses on celebrating their love for beer. They want to see each brewery succeed and become one of the best craft-brewery destinations for visitors. To do this, each brewery understands that sharing ideas and ingredients is an advantage. SCUBA meetings have taken place for four years now. Pug Ryan’s and the Dillon Dam breweries were the first to collaborate and then once they got the ball rolling, SCUBA officially came into place.

An Alliance to Make Summit County a Craft-Beer Destination

When the brewers come together for SCUBA they have a primary meeting where they get together in person and throw around ideas and come up with a beer they would like to make. After that, a circulation of emails take place as they define the recipe for a perfect beer. Then SCUBA decides on which brewery will be the representative to brew this beer. Last year, Baker’s Brewery is where the beer “S.C.U.B.A. Dooba Dubbel” took place. Once these guys get to taste the fruits of their labor it then becomes a beer featured on every contributing breweries tap.

Numerous breweries collaborating together for one particular beer sends a positive message; beer has the advantage of bringing people together in many ways. Summit county restaurants and breweries want to bring people together in a beautiful scenic area, with a great tasting craft beer. These brews have created long-lasting impressions enhancing your time here in the mountains.

Pug Ryan's new brass brewing tanks. Only the best for brewing the best.

You’ll also find many other great tasting beers at Pug Ryan’s where they have teamed up with Breckenridge Distillery to age a Dopplebock and ESB in bourbon barrels, the Octoberfest in a red wine barrel and a barrel aged stout with tart cherries. All the barrel aged craft beers are aging in barrels from Colorado distilleries.

There are hundreds of craft breweries in the state of Colorado and the breweries near Lake Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne and Breckenridge are all a part of a special brotherhood. Every brewer recognizes their special craft and loves the part of the job where they get to sample their fellow brewers results. To enjoy a beer at Pug Ryan’s is to appreciate some if the best beers Summit County has to offer.


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For The Love of Brewing

An Alliance Formed to Make Summit County a Craft-beer Destination.…

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