Our Favorite Beer and Food Pairings

Jan 23, 2017 -- Posted by : Annie

Since 1975, Pug Ryan’s has been serving Dillon, Colorado’s finest beers and mouthwatering dishes. With so many flavors, aromas, and textures the combinations are endless. As one of the most recognized restaurants in Summit County we thought we would share a thing or two about which of our beers pairs best with our dishes. Hopefully this will make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Outlaw Stout and Baby Rack Ribs

Outlaw stout and baby back ribs

Our full bodied Stout has a rich velvety texture with sweet hints of vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. It’s less bitter than an IPA and a good introduction to trying darker beers. This beer pairs best with our Baby Back Ribs are hickory smoked and slow roasted with our Stout beer then slathered with BBQ sauce. The flavorful stout helps tame the bold flavors of the baby back ribs which makes this a combination in beer heaven.

Deadwood Dunkel and Sirloin Steak Chimichurri

Our Deadwood Dunkel won the 2015 Silver Medal Award from the North American Beer Association and for good reason. The Dunkel is smooth, dark, and complex in without being heavy. It’s mildly sweet and has a slight nutty and toasty maltiness. We recommend this bold beer with our boldest steak, the Sirloin Chimichurri. The steak is grilled to your taste and is chili rubbed with hop jalapeño chimichurri. If you don’t want the spiciness you can opt for a blue cream cheese instead. The Dunkle pairs perfectly with a hearty meal that will leave you feeling satisfied sip after sip and bite after bite.

Peacepipe Pilsner and Rocky Mountain Trout

rocky mountain trout at Pug Ryan's

Our most popular beer and for good reason. It’s the perfect balance of of medium body, moderate hop aroma, and a crisp finish. This multi award winning beer pairs well with many dishes but we recommend trying it with our signature Rocky Mountain Trout Almondine dish. Our trout is prepared in white wine and sautéed in butter topped with toasted almonds. The Pilsner will clean your palate so you can enjoy every delicate bite like it was the first time.

Morningwood Wheat and Fried Shrimp

Our popular American wheat ale, the Morningwood Wheat, is a great refreshing medium bodied Ale with hints of citrus and a crisp finish. We serve it with a lemon and is a favorite for many locals. The subtle citrus notes compliment light dishes including especially our fried shrimp specialty. Our shrimp is beer battered on skewers and served with a chipotle aioli sauce. After each sip of the Wheat beer it cleans your palate so you can enjoy every bite of shrimp.

Hideout Helles and Salmon Spinach Cream

salmon and helles in Dillon Colorado

Another one of our award winning beers, the Hideout Helles Bock, is light in color but bold in taste. This is one of our most popular beers and for good reason. We recommend trying the Helles paired with our Salmon with Artichoke Spinach Cream sauce. It’s a blackened salmon laid over creamy spinach and artichoke sauce.

Pack Iron Pale Ale and Pug's Famous Chicken Wings

Our Pack Iron Pale Ale is an easy to drink amber ale that has citrus after taste and helps cut through spicy foods. The hops aromas can range from grapefruit to pine and pair well with a wide arrange of foods. Our favorite food pairing is our famous crispy fried chicken wings with our spicy buffalo sauce but our other sauces such as mild BBQ, and Thai chili also pair just as well. This is one of our best selling items and for good reason!


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